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The purpose of this site is to provide you with further helpful information on your recently purchased climbing plant.  You will find tips on how and where  to plant for the best results, how and when to prune and suggestions on where different plants can be used to achieve varying results within your garden.


Clematis Bees Jubilee.


Climbers are perhaps the most popular of all hardy garden plants Clematis being probably the most loved. No garden should be without a selection of climbing plants.  They provide foliage and flowers, texture and colour in areas of the garden that might otherwise be overlooked.  As gardens become smaller and smaller they offer greater possibilities in planting.  By using fences, trellis, pergolas and other structures more planting area will be available than at first thought.  The roots and stems take up very little room at ground level and all the foliage and flowers are higher up the plant, leaving room for underplanting with shrubs and bulbs.  Some climbers like to grow through other shrubs and trees - clematis for example are perfect for growing in this manner.  Many varieties, especially clematis and passion flower, are suitable for container growing.


When choosing climbers for your garden there are several considerations to be made regarding the plants you choose.

  • Hardiness-Will it survive the winter?

  • Aspect-Where in the garden should I plant it?

  • Soil conditions-Moist or dry

  • Evergreen or deciduous?

  • Flowers or foliage?

  • Fast or slow growing?

  • Do they need supporting?

  • Care and attention-How do I prune this climber?

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