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The clematis in this group are probably some of the most desired by gardeners. They tend to flower well in any aspect, although some flowers will fade in full sun. They are ideal for growing through large evergreen or deciduous shrubs, low spreading shrubs or conifers, wall trained trees, pergolas and archways, containers and conservatory use. (These tend not to be used for coverage of large wall areas without the addition of other plants.)

This group has a good range of colour and the flowers and their seed heads are useful for flower arranging.

Flowers in late spring on the ripened stems of the previous season. A second flush of flowers comes later in the season on many of this group.    






First year, Feb/Mar, cut
back stems to approx 30cm 
Second year, Feb/Mar, cut back stems to approx 1m above ground Third year and onward, cut back all stems to a pair of buds. Flowers will come from previous years growth.