Mid Season


Large Flowered, Mid Season Cultivars 

The flowers produced from this type of clematis are amongst the largest, growing up to 20cm in size. Although not produced in great abundance, they tend to have a much longer flowering period, from early summer to Autumn.

This type can be used to grow up deciduous and evergreen trees up to 7.5m, large shrubs, low spreading shrubs, wall trees and shrubs, pergolas and archways and can be wall trained. They do not lend themselves well to container growing, as the flowers are produced at the tips of the current seasons growth which can be up to 2m in height. 


 In February after the first seasons growth prune the plant back to approximately 30 cm in height, just above a leaf node. In the second and subsequent years, prune back to just above the previous seasons growth, within 75cm of ground level.


First year, Feb/Mar, cut
back stems to approx 30cm 
Second year, Feb/Mar, cut back stems to approx 1m above ground Third year and onward, cut back all stems to a pair of buds. Flowers will come from previous years growth.