Montana Types


Montana” Species 

The Clematis Montana types are particularly useful for covering untidy buildings, walls etc. in the garden. They can also be used to cover and enhance old trees, large conifers and large evergreens. Given the right conditions they will grow to heights of over ten metres if left to run their own course. The flowers on this type develop on the previous season’s growth and produce a mass of blooms mainly late spring to early summer.


In the first year the plant can be cut back to approximately 30cms in February or March. This will enable the plant to become bushy in following years. In the second and subsequent years, cut back to about 1 metre   and remove any dead or weak stems after flowering. This should  be carried out after the plant has flowered. At this stage the plant can be left to ramble if required, but bear in mind that the flowers come from  previous seasons growth, so the higher it grows, the higher the flowers start.

First season, prune to approximately 30cm above soil. February/March Second season, prune approximately 1 m above soil, or as desired