Other Climbers




Fallopia Baldshuanica (Mile-a-Minute) 

Flowering Time: July September   Height: to 12m
This deciduous, vigorous climber is notorious for its prolific growth, hence its nickname Mile-a Minute and is ideal for covering something quickly. It produces white or pale pink flowers in panicles 25-46cm long during the summer, tolerating most soils and aspects.
Pruning:  Not necessary, but can be cut back in early spring to keep to the desired shape and size.



Sinensis (Chinese Wisteria)

Flowering Time:  May June   Height:  5 10m
Large panicles of lilac flowers are borne on this popular deciduous climber before the new leaves appear.  The flowers are slightly scented and very attractive to insects. They sometimes flower again in the late summer. Wisteria is tolerant of most soil conditions and most aspects, although it grows best in full sun. They are a fast growing climber suitable for training against walls and fences, over pergolas and buildings and through trees.

Pruning:  Prune in February all shoots from the previous year to within two or three buds.



Creeping Bluebell 

Flowering Time:  Spring Autumn   Height: To 3m

A self-clinging, evergreen climber ideal for growing on sheltered walls and fences preferably in semi-shade.  It produces nodding clusters of 4-9 bell shaped sky blue flowers. Requires moist soil conditions. 

Pruning: Not necessary, but can be cut back to the desired shape and size. 



Flowering time:  Summer and Autumn   Height: 23m

This interesting deciduous wall shrub needs a sheltered, sunny or partially shaded site with well-drained soil.  It is also ideal for growing in conservatories and patio pots.  It produces large pendant, bell-shaped, orange-yellow and red flowers in summer and autumn.

Pruning:  Young plants may need tip pruning during the growing season to promote bushy growth.  Mature plants can be cut hard back hard m the previous years growth in the early spring.



Few other climbing plants can equal this fast growing deciduous climber for autumn colour.  Virginia Creeper produces insignificant flowers but is known for its foliage.  Five leaflets form a hand shape up to 10cm long and 15cm wide these are dark green in the spring and summer turning to multishades of reds, yellows and browns in the autumn.  It is ideal for covering large walls, fences and hedges, will ramble through large shrubs and can be used as ground cover.  Likes full sun to light shade.
Pruning prune in summer to keep plant to the desired size.



An attractive self-clinging deciduous climber known for its autumn colour.  Boston Ivy produces insignificant flowers but produces glossy three lobed leaves mid to dark green in spring and summer turning to multishades of reds and browns in autumn. It is ideal for covering large walls and fences. Likes full sun to light shade.  

Pruning prune in summer to keep plant to the desired size. 



This attractive fruiting shrub is most often seen against walls and fences but can be used as a freestanding shrub or even a hedging plant.  It produces small white flowers from June onwards and clusters of round fruits, yellow orange or red depending on variety, in the autumn and through into the winter. 

Pruning not necessary but trim away growth in October for improved view of the berries.  Prune harder in late winter / early spring to desired shape and size.